Afforestation ω against desertification ω  

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By 2020 desertification (the process by which fertile land becomes desert) in Africa is expected to displace more than 60 million people. An $8 billion project dubbed the Great Green Wall of Africa is fighting back and building a ‘green wall’ across the entire width of Africa.

Desertification threatens a third of world’s land (UNESCO).  Read how afforestation is a solution to it …

Afforestation is happening around the world: see its mapping from 1990 – 2015 – from Carbon Brief.

What is the Great Green Wall of Africa project?

The Green Wall will surround the Sahara with a wide belt of vegetation, trees and bushes greening and protecting an agricultural landscape. The new vision engages all the countries surrounding it, including Algeria and others in North Africa, not just the 11 original sub-Saharan countries of the Sahel.