In rememberance of Princes Sadruddin and Aly Salomone Aga Khan

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Today, we remember Prince Sadruddin Aga Khan , Prince Aly Khan, and their heritage which we keep alive.  Both passed away on this day, 43 years apart,

The Prince Sadruddin Aga Khan passed away 12 May 17 2003,

Former United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees; founder of the well known Bellerive Foundation for the protection of the environment, conservation of nature and natural resources and respect for all life, and the Earth Focus activities of raising awareness to sustainable development of young people of all ages, that became the Earth Focus Foundation in 2005; supporter of Alp Action initiating projects to protect mountain regions; benefactor of the Earth Focus Magazine, conferences and debates, he was leader of numerous humanitarian, social, environmental and cultural initiatives,

“We must listen to young people and help them to be heard”, declared the Prince

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Prince Aly Salomone Aga Khan, passed away 12 May 1960

Formerly Permanent Representative of Pakistan to the UN, he was later Vice President of the UN General Assembly. 


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