Perils of Groundwater Pumping

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Groundwater comprises about 1/3 of all available fresh water. Almost 20% of the world depend on it: arid lands are can be watered and transformed into productive farmlands [1]; it provides 50% of all drinking water; it’s used to mine useful ore (coal, copper, gold); and some countries depend almost entirely on groundwater (Bahrain, Denmark, Iceland, UAE …)

However, excessive “mining” of groundwater has caused problems, for example:

  • rivers, lakes and wetlands dry up 
  • the ground above sinks or collapses
  • fish, wildlife, and trees to die 

[1]  National Groundwater Association’s article on Facts About Global Groundwater Usage. ~2016

  • ~70% of ground water is used for agriculture
  • about 38% of irrigated lands are equipped for irrigation with groundwater
  • ~1/2 of all drinking water is from groundwater for about 1/4 of the world’s population